E-MU Proteus MPS

E-MU Proteus MPS Keyboard
The Proteus MPS was the first keyboard synthesizer E-MU produced. It was based on the Proteus/1 module, consisting of the same instruments but with different presets. Unlike the Proteus/1, the MPS has 32 different effects spread on two effects units. It features 200 presets on board and another 100 with an optional RAM card.

Presets 0 – 99 100 ROM Presets
Presets 100 – 199 100 RAM Presets
Presets 200 – 299 100 RAM Presets on an optional RAM card.

ROM Cards
E-MU issued a range of ROM cards for the MPS. Each card adds 100 new presets.

9070 – MPS Pop Collection
9071 – MPS Textures/Pads
9072 – PlusPower (MPS+)
9073 – General MIDI
9074 – Fresh Mix
9075 – The Best Blend

RAM Cards
60-pin 256Kbyte SRAM memory card – p/n ZM348

9035 – The MPS can be upgraded internally with an additional 4MB of Orchestral samples from the Proteus/2 module, making it a MPS Plus model.

Technical Specifications
Keys: 61
ROM Size: 4MB
Sample Rate/Bitrate: 39kHz 16-bit
Presets: 200 (100 RAM, 100 ROM)
Instruments: 125
Polyphony: 32 Voices
MIDI Channels: 16
Filters: No
FX: 32
MIDI Ports: 3
Audio Outs: 4
Digital Outs: No


E-MU Proteus MPS Operation Manual
E-MU Proteus MPS Factory User Presets

Factory Reset & Diagnostics

This procedure destroys any presets stored in RAM.

1. Hold both Master and Preset buttons down and power on the unit.
2. Once booted up into the Diagnostics menu, turn the Data wheel knob to Initialize.
3. Press the Enter button.
4. Press Enter again to confirm.
5. Turn the unit off, wait a few seconds and turn the unit on.
6. Load the factory user presets from SysEx file.