Cinematique Instruments: Guitar Harmonics Essential

Cinematique Instruments Guitar Harmonics Essential

Guitar Harmonics Essential is a free instrument created for HALion and HALion Sonic plugins by Cinematique Instruments.

Guitar harmonics or so-called flageolet notes produce pure and clear sounds of electric guitars. Creating these harmonics on a guitar requires specific techniques that involve lightly touching the string at specific points to produce the desired pitch. Cinematique Instruments has developed an innovative software instrument that replicates these techniques and produces a wide range of harmonic sounds.

The Guitar Harmonics Essential software instrument is a powerful tool for creating music with unique sounds. With this instrument, users can manipulate the length of the notes (decay), tone, cabinet and rotary, and apply reverb and delay controls to create organic reverse guitars, fragile string notes, and warm e-piano tones.

What makes Guitar Harmonics Essential so special is its ability to replicate the pure and clear sound of electric guitars. It provides an array of useful options for users to create their desired soundscapes. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this innovative software instrument.

Note Length Control (Decay)

Guitar Harmonics Essential provides note length control (decay) that allows users to adjust the length of the notes they play. This feature is essential for creating natural-sounding guitar harmonics, as it replicates the natural decay of the strings. Users can adjust the decay time to create sounds that are short and snappy or long and sustained.

Tone Control

The tone control feature of Guitar Harmonics Essential is another essential tool for creating unique sounds. Users can adjust the tone to make the sound brighter or darker, giving them control over the overall character of their guitar harmonics. With this feature, users can produce anything from a bright, sparkling sound to a warm and mellow tone.

Cabinet and Rotary Control

The cabinet and rotary control features of Guitar Harmonics Essential are designed to add depth and character to the sound. Users can choose from a range of cabinet and rotary models to create anything from a classic, vintage sound to a modern, cutting-edge tone. These features give users the ability to create sounds that are unique to their style and creativity.

Reverb and Delay Control

Finally, the reverb and delay control features of Guitar Harmonics are essential for adding depth and dimension to the sound. Users can choose from a range of reverb and delay models to create anything from a subtle, natural-sounding effect to a bold, expansive sound. These features allow users to create a wide range of soundscapes, from intimate and close-up to grand and cinematic.


Guitar Harmonics Essential by Cinematique Instruments is a powerful and innovative software instrument that replicates the pure and clear sound of electric guitar harmonics. With its range of useful options, note length control, tone control, cabinet and rotary control, and reverb and delay control, users have the tools they need to create unique and beautiful soundscapes. Whether you’re a professional musician or an amateur producer, Guitar Harmonics is an essential tool for creating music that stands out from the crowd.


Guitar Harmonics Essential (FREE)