Top 20 Sites for Royalty-Free Music

Top 20 Sites for Royalty-Free Music

If you are going to be doing any kind of online marketing, you know just how vital it is to have the best video presentation. Video marketing is the strategy that marketing teams use to encourage potential buyers to visit their store or site through video, much like an advertisement on television. This has become the leading form of marketing online, especially with the introduction of Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. As a matter of fact, over 80% of all online traffic is video. The real question is, why knowing that video marketing is such a huge factor behind online traffic do so many avoid it? The answer is simple; it just costs too much to do for many.

So how can you save some money while producing your online videos for marketing?

The best place to do this is by finding good sites for stock photos, video clips, and music. In this article we’ll focus on royalty-free music. This doesn’t mean you get free music necessarily; that’s just not how it works, unfortunately. This means you will get quality music after joining one of the many sites available, some of the songs are free, but to get the full library, you will need to become a member for a very reasonable fee.

OK, enough waffle; without further ado, here is the list of the top 20 sites for royalty-free music:


YouTube Audio Library
No online music list could ever be complete without YouTube Audio Library. The audio library that YouTube offers is full of every music genre you could ever want, from Pop to Classical. Without a doubt, you will find what you need on this site.

This site uses Creative Commons, and public domain works, meaning that the content is free for you to use. All that is required is you give credit to the owner of the production.

The really great thing about this site is the easy to use of search functions that it has to offer. It breaks it down by mood so that you can find the right tone for your video without scouring through thousands and thousands of songs. Another great feature is that you can narrow your search by the duration of the videos, making it ideal if you need an exact length of music.

Don’t just jump in and start using whichever music video you like; always refer to the site’s policies as it will ensure you aren’t using the videos in a way that is not allowed.


AudioJungle has a lot to offer, with over 655,500 royalty-free tracks available to browse. Independent musicians or audio engineers create all the tracks, which are then reviewed by the site owners to ensure they are of the highest quality.
The downloads on this site aren’t all free; however, you can become a member for only $12 a month and have unlimited access. The website offers 23 genres to choose from, ambient through world beat, and everything in between. There is also a selection of moods to pick from, so no matter what you are looking for, you should be able to find it here with some ease. On top of all this, AudioJungle offers a massive selection of intros that can be used for games, videos, or vlogs.


Pro Royalty-Free Music
Pro Royalty-Free Music has a library full of free songs for you to download from and probably one of the best. It has been featured on all the major news networks, including CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS, just to name a few. Users can use the songs at their own discretion on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, provided they recognize the artists; alternatively, they can sign up for the Pro License and use them in all productions.

The search page has many genres to choose from and also the option to create your own keywords. This makes searching for any song easy for the user and helps to save a lot of time so you can focus on productivity.


Free Music Archive
Free Music Archive is another excellent option for those looking for background music. The site is straightforward to use with a simple search that allows you to find free or paid content with one click. The search gives you the option to pick by genre, chart, or curator. You will also have the opportunity to have your search be filtered by license type; this filter option saves time and possibly a lot of headaches.

What makes this site so popular is that you will find music on here from various unknown artists, which means your content will be unique rather than the same old songs everyone uses. Free Music Archive is run by the WFMU radio station based in the United States.


With Incompetech, you will find a large selection of over 2,000 tracks to choose from for your video marketing needs. Kevin MacLeod does a great job of putting all these songs together, making it stress-free to locate what one is searching for in no time successfully. The entire library of songs on Incompetech is available for you to download for a single payment of $38, great value when you consider how many pieces that include.

The songs are set up by genre, so finding what you are looking for is very simple. Also, very conveniently, you can search the “Film Scoring Moods” and find the songs based on your film genre. Not just that, but there is also a section where you can search by the area of the world the music comes from.


Time for an all classic site, Musopen is unique as it offers only classical music to download. This site, created by Aaron Dunn in March of 2005, is known for all its charity work that it has been involved in over the years. Not only can users download thousands of classical songs for their site, but they also have access to music sheets should they wish to learn the songs themselves.

You will have access to classics from Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach, along with piano solos and even orchestra scores. No matter what it is that you are looking for, there is always a classical piece that will make your video that much better. A nice feature that is available on the Musopen website is the education section. The education section gives users an in-depth lesson on music instruments, including the guitar, piano, clarinet, flute, saxophone, oboe, trumpet, and bassoon.


When selecting this site, don’t be alarmed that you are taken to Storyblocks; instead, you are in the right place. This site gives you access to over 100,000 songs to download. Although it is not entirely free, for only $149, you will have unlimited access. The search by emotion makes this site an absolute pleasure, making it easy to find the music for the mood you are looking to set. It also features an option to search for the video by duration; this is huge when you have a strict video time.

This site allows users to download content on more than one occasion, so the songs are always yours and can be downloaded onto any device you want. Storyblocks not only offers 100,000 plus pieces but also provides over 900,000 motion effect background templates and over 400,00 stock photos for you to use.


Jamendo has over 240,000 royalty-free music tracks for you to utilize in your videos. You can use the ten different themes and moods or simply type in what you are looking for in the search bar to find the best fit. The project type search option is unique and makes this site one of the best available.

Although the site is not free, you can subscribe for $49 or get single track licenses for $9.99. This is not bad for such an impressive website with so many options to select from. One of the few sites out there that were designed for marketers and advertisers.


Epidemic Sound
Epidemic Sound is used by many of the top YouTube and online influencers. They use this platform because it offers an enormous library of songs to choose from, and no matter which piece you select, it is licensed. To add validity to the website, they are trusted by Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Cheddar, amongst many other big-name businesses.

An annual personal account costs $144 and includes unlimited downloads for YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, and any podcasts. If you are skeptical, a 30-day trial is available, free of charge, giving you the chance to be sure you want to use their songs.


Artlist is an ever-growing website, as they add new tracks to their already vast library every day. The downloads from this site are not free, but a subscription is only $16 – $25 per month, depending on what you need.

You can not only download music from this site, but you can also download thousands of sound effects from animals to whooshes. You are most certainly sure to find what you are searching for on Artlist; the site was founded in 2016 and has steadily continued its growth since being established. Artlist was created by people in the film industry and was made to help other filmmakers be successful.


Bensound gives you a broad array of songs to select from for your project. There are four different licenses to choose from, all offering something a little extra. Depending on what you require cost varies from free to 580 euro per track. You can also select two types of subscription; the extended subscription gives you full access with no restrictions.

The stock music library on Bensound gives you eight genres to select from and pages upon pages of songs. You can filter them by the length of the song, popularity, or age of release.


Purple Planet
If it is time for something different from the rest, then Purple Planet is the site for you. Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn use sound effects from across the globe to create some of the most unique music selections you will ever hear.

The site is only available on a desktop at this time, but an update will definitely be on the horizon. Downloads are free; all that is asked is you give credit where it is due to the composers. Just go to the site and experience something that you never have before; they even offer 30-minute relaxation pieces to enjoy and use on your latest project.


Mixkit not only offers a large selection of music for you to select, but also video clips, video templates, and sound effects. You can search for music by genre with 18 options, mood with 12 options, or tags with over 100 different peruse options. The sitemap makes it very easy to find what you are looking for and saves you a ton of time.

All content is free; however, you will want to make sure you check out the Mixkit License section to ensure you use the content correctly.


Soundstripe offers an astonishing 50,000 plus sound effects, 70,000 plus stock videos, and 5,000 high-quality songs for you to download. Use of the music downloads is done via subscription; if you pay annually, it works out at $7.50 per month or monthly for $19.

This site’s content continues to become more vast every month, with over 300 new pieces of music or videos made available for you to use. If all of that wasn’t enough, then you may want to know that

Soundstripe is trusted by the following brands, Tesla, Microsoft, Whole Foods Market, and Amazon, to name but a few.


Silverman Sound Studios
Silverman Sound Studios offers free music downloads under a Creative Commons license. The very talented Shane Ivers puts the music together; all he asks is that you give him credit for using his pieces. Not only is the website straightforward to use, but all of the writing is done entertainingly and playfully, keeping it light and enjoyable to use.

With a large array of songs to pick from, you can use these on you YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram videos, or even incorporate them into the video games you are creating.   


Premium Beat
Premium Beat offers 100% unique content that is entirely exclusive to this site. Premium Beat has been trusted by some of the biggest named companies around, including Vogue, Amazon, National Geographic, and Google. The company is Shutterstock owned and offers a massive selection of music and sounds for you to use in your productions. The search engine is exceptionally in-depth, and merely typing in a word will give you a large selection of music to choose from; it provides you genre options, as well as songs and artists.

You can purchase single songs if you wish or sign up for a monthly subscription for $64.95; this gives you five tracks every month.


Neo Sounds
No matter what kind of media project you are working on, you will be able to find what you are looking for on Neo Sounds. A Premium License will set you back $244.65 and gives you unlimited access to all downloads; other license levels are available should you not need full access at this time.

Browsing music is made simple on this website with headers for music style, mood and emotion, genre, and instrument. The site also has a large selection of articles for you to peruse, many of which will give you the knowledge needed to drive your business forward.


Motion Array
This is a member-only site that offers everything you could need for your website. On Motion Array there is something to help every online business out there, from stock photos to music and even videos. There is a variety of songs to choose from but what makes this site so great is the exclusive plugins that can be added by all users.

There is an impressive collection of companies who have associated their names with this company, the likes of BBC, Walt Disney, Fox, and Netflix, to name a few. Membership costs $29.99 a month or $249.99 a year.


Hooksounds is full of royalty-free music for you to use as a part of your video marketing campaign. For $29 a month, you will have full access and unlimited downloads. All the music found on Hooksounds is stylish and distinctive, giving its users a unique selection of sounds that can not be found anywhere else.

What really sets this royalty-free music site apart from all the others is its ability to create music based on its client’s requests. So, not only do you get a large selection of prerecorded songs, but the option to have your own built, can that be topped?


This is one of the newer platforms for royalty-free music out there after being founded by Sen Jaeger in 2016, but that is nothing to be put off by. Filmstro has a massive library of music and sounds for you to pick your tune from. The filter options on their search make for a fascinating mix of music while making your selection very customizable. Unlike a few other sites, Filmstro can be quite pricey at $499 for the Pro Plus annual subscription, but don’t let that scare you away because there is a $99 option available.

There are several options for you to find the right site for your royalty-free music. Always keep in mind the reason why you are using one of these websites and what is it that you are looking to gain from this partnership. When making your selection make sure you are getting what you are looking for from the site. As mentioned before, 80% of all online traffic is video, so you will want to have the best video out there to make you stand out from the competition.