E-MU Producer Series Vol. 8
Platinum Phatt

E-MU - Producer Series Vol. 8 - Platinum Phatt
This two-CD sample library contains one of the most complete collections of essential hip-hop sounds ever assembled. The folks at E-MU have taken great care to deliver a fresh an usable sound set that will inspire and prove useful in music of all genres. Included are thousands of sounds ranging from hard urban vocal hooks and live drum grooves to the grittiest of lo-fi funk.

This collection contains all the very best sounds and instruments used in the Mo’Phatt sound module. Also included are additional sounds that were collected and not used due to the limitation of sound module ROM memory.

Compatible with E4 Ultras and other EOS samplers.

Bank Listing


01. Phatt Combo
02. Best of Phatt
03. Phatt Demos
04. MoPhattInstrmts
05. MoPhattPerc&Kits
06. Beats 60-92bpm
07. Beats 93-96bpm
08. Beats 97-104bpm
09. Beats 105-150bpm
10. Grooves 60-85bpm
11. Grooves99-132bpm
12. GroovesFilz/Hitz
13. HipHopKickSnrHat
14. HipHop MiscPerc
15. Live Kicks
16. Live Snares
17. SP1200


01. HipHop Vox
02. Vocoder Vox
03. Talk Box
04. Female Vocals
05. Gtr Chords&Licks
06. PhattStrat&Paul
07. Funk Gtr & Wah
08. Nylon Guitar
09. Distortion Gtr
10. Electric Basses
11. Tine EP
12. EP Chords/Hits
13. EP FX
14. Strings
15. Hits & Brass
16. Vinyl Scratches
17. Flexis Etc
18. Phatt Worms
19. Synth/FX/Misc